Empower the community through education

Improve well-being through medical care and training

Develop hygiene standards through education

"Once you learn to read, you will be forever free..." Frederick Douglas

Our Mission

Together we can make a difference.

the Butterfly Pea Charitable Foundation is dedicated to assisting in education and healthcare for the residents of Prek Toal and other Khmer communities in and around Siem Reap.


Empowering the community starts with education. Providing school supplies and upgraded facilities enable students to receive a higher quality education.

Health Care

Providing basic medical assistance, treatment of wound care, and health education helps to improve the entire communities well-being.


Good hygiene standards help to prevent the development and spread of infections and illnesses lessening the need for emergency health care.

How We Help

The Prek Toal Project

Get a detailed look into our project assisting the residents of Prek Toal Village and other Khmer communities.


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A Pandemic Strikes

A Pandemic Strikes

It isn’t easy operating any business these days, profitable or otherwise.  This is also true of a charitable foundation.  As many of you know the Butterfly Pea Charitable Foundation is primarily supported by the Butterfly Pea Hotel and its owner John Ganshaw.  These...

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